Liquid Brine – A Snow and Ice Management Solution

Liquid brine as a pre-treatment before a snow event
Liquid brine can be used as an anti-ice solution or applied after the event, helping to melt snow and ice and preventing it from bonding to surfaces.


We use liquid brine on sidewalk and road surfaces throughout the winter for our commercial and HOA customers. It is an anti/deicing solution. It’s versatile and can be used either as an anti-ice application pre-treatment before a snow event or applied afterward as a deicer.

It can melt snow and ice quickly, preventing them from adhering to the surface. In fact, it works three to four times faster than rock salt. This makes it a ‘must-have’ when we’re fighting the common wintery mixes we see in our Midwestern winters.

In addition to its versatility, it also reduces harm to landscapes and structures when applied in a liquid form. There is less tracking in on footwear. This prevents scratching and stains to interior floors and carpets while reducing janitorial costs.

And because it’s applied in a precise, controlled manner, the correct amount is being used at the recommended application rate. This prevents waste and saves our customers money.

Another benefit? Liquid brine is a great management solution for those properties obtaining or maintaining their LEED certification.

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