Give Your Lawn a Head Start for Spring By Fertilizing Before Winter

Many customers ask: Is applying a winter fertilizer really needed? Our simple answer: yes.

Lawn applications and treatments vary throughout a season. Some are designed to help your grass grow, while other lawn treatments help with weed control. The frequency and timeframe to apply also can vary.

Winter fertilizer is applied once you are no longer regularly mowing your lawn, but before the first frost occurs. It can be applied even if the lawn was treated throughout the year. It is not intended to help boost the growth of the lawn at the time you apply it. Instead, the winter fertilizer’s job is to help prepare your lawn for the winter. It gives the grass a good head start come the following spring by helping it store food and nutrients. Then, as the temperatures begin to rise and your lawn comes out of dormancy, your grass will start to green up right away.


Grass greens up faster in spring when it's fertilized just before winter.
Grass will green up faster in the spring when it’s been fertilized just before the winter.


The ideal time to apply a winter fertilizer is when your grass starts to brown, and you’ve done the last mowing for the season. You also want to choose a product that is granular and contains mostly nitrogen. The nitrogen enables the turf to grow vigorously, and the granules allow the fertilizer to remain in the soil much longer than a liquid application. This way, when the turf starts to come out of its winter dormancy, it has nitrogen available to consume. This allows it to get off to a good green start, promoting growth and thickness, helping it to shade out its competitors – the dreaded weeds! 

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