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CPHort's Attentive Tree Care Helps You Empower the Look and Feel of Your Home for Years to Come

From the big oak that the kids love to climb to the saplings that are just getting their start, the most prominent plants in your home's greenscape are likely your trees. In fact, the trees on your St. Charles, Illinois property are an essential part of what makes your home what it is--from the shade they provide to the visual stories they tell.

Take a moment to consider the most mature tree in your space and how long it has been there. Trees are not a short-term project--they are on a journey that lasts years, decades, and in some cases, centuries.  Your trees will grow along with your family, and beyond. So, the work you put in now towards your trees' health will impact your home far into the future.

CPHort's residential tree services provide the care your trees need to thrive today, tomorrow, and for years down the line.  We pair our commitment to trust with a wealth of arboreal expertise to ensure that every tree on your property can thrive. Our program includes preventative maintenance, pruning, cabling, root flare excavation, and risk assessments conducted with our certified staff in accordance with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).  Plus, when it's time to add more trees to your space, we ensure superior plant and tree quality by sourcing from our Illinois Certified Nursery Professionals (ICN Pro).

Your trees are a core part of your home, and they deserve to be treated like family. Get started with residential tree services today by contacting the team of professionals at CPHort.

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I have been more than pleased with the performance of Cornerstone this year. The quality of services performed have been the best we have received in my tenure as a Grounds Foreman for the Village. The communication is excellent as calls and concerns are immediately responded to. It is easy to see that Cornerstone takes pride in their work and doesn't try to decrease efforts on services to feed a bottom line. They truly are professionals. Kudos to all at Cornerstone for making my life as the Grounds Foreman a whole lot easier. Any municipality or company that wants a true quality landscape service.

- Victor P., Public Works Foreman

Your crew just finished here. Digging out that stump is painful just to watch. Your crew was like a buzz saw at digging that out and in just a few minutes had the new tree in place and all the cover rocks raked back in place, you can’t even tell anything was disturbed in that area. GREAT JOB! Thanks!!!

- Kip W., Homeowner

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More than anything, we care about your experience. It means the world to us when our customers are as proud as we are with the work that we've done. See what others are saying about their partnership experience with CPHort:

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Our Residential Tree Services Bring Out the Best in Your Trees

When a tree is healthy and strong, it can be the shining star of your property. But by the same hand, when something is wrong with a tree, it can be unsightly and hazardous. CPHort's residential tree services are designed to keep your trees vigorous and your property safe. This includes help with:

  • Emerald Ash Borer - Our teams are explicitly trained to recognize pests and diseases early-on.
  • Emergency Tree Service - When there's an incident, you can trust CPHort to fix the problem swiftly, keeping your family safe. 
  • Fire Mitigation - We have the expertise to instantly recognize and avoid potential fire risks on your property.
  • Land Clearing - As you embark on changing your space, we can help remove any unwanted trees or vegetation.
  • Stump Removal/Grinding - We make it easy to say good-bye to ugly, hazardous stumps.
  • Tree Care - Our attention to detail stands out as we provide the highest quality plant health care for your trees.
  • Tree Fertilization - With the right nutrients, your trees will be able to grow stronger and last longer.
  • Tree Planting  - A new tree is an investment in your home's future. We'll help you select, place, and plant trees to accentuate your property's unique needs.
  • Tree Pruning - Regular tree pruning is essential for the health of your tree and can prevent safety hazards around your home.
  • Tree Removal - When it's time for a tree to retire, our professional team can remove it safely. 

Help Your Outdoor Spaces Stand Out and Shine

When you're looking for residential or commercial landscaping companies, you want to hire a company that will put care into every inch of your environment. That's where CPHort excels. From helping your business or community look its absolute best for residents, tenants, guests to giving you an outdoor space at home that you can truly enjoy, we understand that every little detail makes a difference. We provide design & build, maintenance, irrigation services, hardscape, and lawn care services with the individual needs of your space front and center.

When you want to elevate your home's environment, we offer a wide range of services to help your greenscape shine. Our residential landscaping services include:

  • Landscape Installation - We'll work closely with you to implement a landscape design that reflects your family's tastes and lasts for years to come. Learn more about our landscape installation services.
  • Landscape Maintenance - Fully support the health of your environment for a greenscape that is lush and beautiful year-round. Discover how our landscape maintenance services can bring comprehensive care to your home.
  • Outdoor Living - Transform your outdoor space into a more functional arena for your family to enjoy, with innovative solutions like firepits and outdoor kitchens. Explore the possibilities of outdoor living.
Barrington, IL Residential Landscape Design

Take a look at our full list of residential landscaping services to learn more about how we can enhance your home.

Trust Is at the Center of Our Proven Process

How does CPHort bring our signature attention to detail to every space? It all comes down to our proven process. We've developed every phase to address the individual needs of your project to develop unique solutions tailored for you. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial landscaping & snow/ice services, here's what you can expect when you contact CPHort:


We are truly proud of the process that we've developed and we've seen first-hand how it can bring success to our clients. Are you ready to take the first step? Give us a call or fill out our contact form, and we'll start things off by sending you our questionnaire.

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