How to Correctly Water Annuals and Perennials

Everyone knows you need to water flowers, but are you doing it correctly? 

The best time to water
Did you know that the best time to water is early to mid-morning? This gives your plants enough time to dry off before evening. When the temperatures cool off at night, and if the plants are wet, it can cause disease or fungus to appear. If you don’t have an irrigation system, the best way to water a bed of flowers is with a soaker hose or a steady, slow drip from a regular hose. You want to soak the plant’s roots, not the leaves.

Watering perennials
Perennials need to be watered deeply and infrequently, rather than lightly and often during normal weather conditions. When we’re experiencing a hot spell or drought, make sure to water more frequently. Use a good, reliable soil moisture reader to determine if the plant’s getting enough water. Always water the base of the plant, not the leaves. You can also insert your finger 1-2″ into the soil, and if the dirt below the surface is damp, you’ll know you’re watering enough.

Because annuals have shallow roots, they may require watering more often. As with perennials, you can use a good moisture reader to make sure they are getting enough moisture. 

Planter boxes and hanging baskets
Planter boxes and containers may require frequent watering throughout the day, especially in severe heat. The best time to water is early to mid-morning to avoid issues with disease or fungus.

Remember to pay close attention to the types of plants in your containers to ensure you’re watering them correctly. For example, geraniums in hanging baskets don’t like their roots in constantly damp soil. It’s best to let the dirt dry out before watering again. On the other hand, petunias should be watered daily (after you’ve checked the soil by inserting your finger to see if it’s damp). You should check your petunias twice daily to make sure the soil is moist during heat spells. 

Also, during periods of extreme heat, water container plants and hanging baskets early in the morning to ensure that the water doesn’t evaporate before the plant has a chance to absorb it.

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