Aerating This Fall Gives Your Lawn A Head Start for Spring

In the autumn months, as flowers start to die off and leaves begin to fall, many property owners think there’s not much more to be done to their landscapes for the season. However, fall is the best time to give your lawn a head start for spring. One way to do this is through aerating.

Aerating is the process in which hundreds of small, tubular-looking plugs are pulled from the soil using a special machine. This process is helpful to your lawn for several reasons.

Aerating gives the roots breathing room to grow, enabling oxygen, nutrients, and water to get directly to them, which helps produce a stronger root system overall. It also helps to break up very tight, compact soil, which is necessary for a thick, healthy lawn. When soil is very compact, the roots of the grass can’t grow deep. However, certain weeds, like broadleaf, can penetrate these soil conditions and survive. The result: an abundance of unsightly, unwanted weeds throughout your lawn. 

And fall is an ideal time to aerate.

First, the cooler temperatures will cause less stress on the lawn during the process. Also, the weather is more predictable now and less rainy. Attempting to aerate in the spring when the soil is very wet can lead to large areas of grass being damaged by the aeration equipment, leaving a muddy mess. 

Finally, following aeration, we recommend overseeding the area. This allows the grass seed to get down into the soil, establishing it more quickly, and giving your lawn a head start to a thick, green spring beginning! 

 If you have any questions regarding aeration or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us.