Solutions to Drainage and Standing Water Issues

All landscapes need water. However, too much water is never a good thing. When water on your property doesn’t drain well, or if it pools in your lawn, garden beds, or on sidewalks or driveways, it can lead to a host of problems.

Downspout and gutter issues  

Many things can cause poor drainage.

When water is not carried off properly and oversaturates foundations, garden beds and lawns, it can cause many issues. Inadequate or improperly installed gutters and downspouts, or those that are not maintained correctly, can cause overflow and pooling. The constantly wet soil can cause the plant’s roots to rot, literally drowning them from a lack of oxygen. Also, as water comes gushing out of the downspout, it can wash away mulch and soil, exposing roots. It forces soil and mulch into other parts of the beds, into the lawn, or even across walkways and driveways.

Another issue with improperly installed downspouts occurs during the winter months. When snow from the roof thaws, the water flows down the spout and adds pressure to your home or building’s foundation or carries across sidewalks and driveways. The water then freezes when the temperatures dip again, creating a hazardous icy patch across the walkway or driveway.

When water is allowed to pool and left standing around foundations, whether it’s brick, wood, or siding, it can erode them over time, causing mold and mildew to form. In some instances, the water can also find its way into the home’s interior, causing seepage issues.

Improperly graded landscape or beds

If your landscape, or your neighbor’s, is improperly graded, water is going to run in the direction of least resistance. When it has no place else to flow, it’s going to pool. Low spots in your yard or areas where the soil is very compact can also cause issues. For example, soil that is mostly made of clay can’t absorb an influx of water, resulting in standing water. 

All of these issues can lead to swampy, wet conditions that can take a long time to dry out, leading to mossy conditions, spots in the lawn that won’t grow, or areas that invite pests, like mosquitos, to breed.

Drainage solutions

The good news is that there are a variety of solutions to improper drainage issues. Re-grading parts of your yard to redirect the water run-off will help eliminate standing water. Installing items like pop-ups, dry wells, catch basins, and even channel drains can also help divert the water from areas around your home. 

Addressing ongoing drainage issues is key to avoiding costly damage to your landscape, home foundation, and plants while eliminating hazardous conditions. If you need help or would like to learn more about drainage solutions, please contact us