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About Us

Recipient of the "Business Excellence Award," the "Environmental Leadership Award," and named "Best Snow and Ice Companies to Work For."

Visionaries: "Leading by repeatable example to transform the Landscape and Snow/Ice Management Industries, through Trust & Excellence."

CPHort provides an array of horticultural and snow/ice management services to fit most commercial and residential environments.

Our culture centers around developing long-term working partnerships with our clients, team members, and suppliers in order to provide a superior service experience. We are committed to on-going process improvement which is evident in the work we perform, our industry associations, and certifications.

Recent awards include:

Best Snow and Ice Companies to Work For award from the Snow & Ice Management Association

Business Excellence Award from the Business Ledger

Environmental Leadership Award from the Snow and Ice Management Association

Excellence in Landscape Silver Award - Commercial Landscape Construction from the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association

Excellence in Business Award from the Snow and Ice Management Association

Honorable Mention from the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute

Silver Award of Excellence from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

Our History

Since our inception in 2006, "It's the little things done exceptionally well that make the big difference," which has become our motto and continues to be the Cornerstone of our foundation. This enables us to differentiate ourselves within the highly competitive Landscape and Snow/Ice industries. Controlled growth, with over 70% of new business relationships being generated from satisfied client referrals, has enabled CPHort to expand its service area beyond the Fox River Valley to multiple suburbs throughout Western Chicago including properties located within the City of Chicago, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

We're always learning! Our commitment to education, professionalism, process improvement and keeping our competitive edge is brought to life with honored designations such as:

-Advanced Snow Managers (ASM)

-Certified Landscape Technicians (CLT-E)

-Certified Concrete Paver Installer (CCPI)

-Certified Snow Professional (CSP)

-Entry® Chloride-Free Certified Contractor

-NDS Certified Drainage Pro

-Techniseal Certified Applicators

along with active participation in both local and national industry associations. These commitments enable CPHort to achieve its Mission:

"To be the most trusted partner caring for the outdoor environments of those we serve. We shall achieve this by consistently doing the little things exceptionally well while living daily our core values of HONESTY, INTEGRITY & FAITH."

  • Service area

    Cornerstone Partners provides landscaping, horticultural, and snow/ice management services throughout the Northern Illinois area. Our main service borders are North through McHenry County, South through Kendall County, East through Cook County, and West through Kane & DeKalb Counties.

    We are ALWAYS interested in speaking to dynamic, passionate individuals who are interested in serving others through the Landscape & Snow/Ice Industries while being fanatical in implementing best practices! If you are interested in any of the following Job Descriptions, please complete the On-Line Quick Application form to start the conversation of advancing your career:

    CPHort Careers: On-Line Quick Application


    Sales: Customer Service Rep

    Enhancement Manager

    Plant Health Care Technician

    Maintenance Foreman

    Maintenance Laborer

    Enhancement Foreman

    Enhancement Laborer

    Snow & Ice Laborer

    Snow & Ice Plow Truck & Equipment Operator

  • Guarantee

    "Doing it Great (D.I.G)" is not just wishful thinking, it's a guarantee! We offer extended warranties on all greenscape installations maintained by CPHort along with a 5-year warranty on the workmanship of ICPI hardscape installations plus extended manufacturer product warranties. This is where our commitment to trust becomes your reality!

  • Associations

    We are proud members of the following associations:

Meet our team

  • Jim 'Turk' Turcan

    President, CLT, CSP, ASM, CCPI

  • Nick Topf

    Integrator, ASM

  • John Sotos

    Chief Financial & Planning Officer

  • Cora Topf

    Administration Assistant

  • Wes Matejka

    IT Assistant

  • Joe Schutzius

    Business Ambassador

  • Nina Kunesch

    Account Manager

  • Mark Toms

    Account Manager

  • Rich Turcan, Jr.


  • Joel Barona

    Production Manager

  • Carlos Contreras

    Production Manager, ASM

  • Josh Howver

    Production Manager, ASM

  • Omar A.


  • Guillermo A.


  • Pedro B.


  • Antonio C.


  • Jesus E.


  • Fernando G.


  • Juan G.


  • Migel G.


  • Jesus G.


  • Sergio O.


  • Juan Carlos R.


  • Cristian R.

    PHC Assistant

  • Lorenzo S.


  • Hector T.


  • Diego T.

    Equipment Technician

  • Faustino V.


What our customers are saying…

  • Cheryl D., Senior Portfolio Manager

    They worked so hard!! Rain, wind, heat...they just kept going!!! I forgot about the ice, freezing rain and snow!! Hats off to the hardest working crew ever!!!

  • Kris L., Class A Property Manager,

    Our lots and sidewalks look incredible, love, love, love it!!! What a difference from last year with salting {now with liquid anti/deicing}. Thank you!!

  • Ken B., CEO

    I don't normally write letters anymore because I rarely get to experience a level of customer service or attention to detail that warrants it. Our facility is our selling ground and what differentiates us from all our competition. Although you would think that landscaping isn't that important and certainly not worth paying anything more than the cheapest bid in a commercial environment, I have learned first hand the opposite is true. When everything about your property screams '[we] care about the details,' the client walks into your office with a slightly different attitude. It separates you. CPHort gives us that edge by providing our visitors with GREAT first impressions. I only wish other vendors/partners would be as passionate and detailed about their specialties!

  • Bob S., HOA Landscape Committee Chairman

    I wanted to drop you a note and let you know just how much the efforts from you, Guillermo and his crew have been appreciated this past season. It was a learning and growing experience for myself and it has been a great experience even though we may have had some obstacles to overcome along the way. The "enhancements teams" you brought in periodically over the year performed above and beyond expectations.

    As our contract year comes to an end, I want to point out that the past three days your fall clean-up has been nothing short of fantastic! I want you and the company to know just how much we {our Association} have appreciated the hard work, and efforts set-up by you and then carried out by Guillermo and his crew throughout the year and especially these past few weeks as so much had to be done to finish the year out despite the foul weather.

  • Jeremy C., Municipal Division Manager

    The completed work Cornerstone has turned in during my tenure as Division Manager has been outstanding! {CPHort} has always provided awesome site analysis and recommendations, which include photos and detailed documentation. The crews are well trained and educated in the industry, while always being friendly and accountable. I have always been impressed with the organization's honesty, passion, and communication. I highly recommend {CPHort} for any services they provide.

  • Todd H., Director of Public Works

    Glad to have a partnership with CPHort, best attention to detail I've seen from any landscape contractor. It's hard work and takes time, but thanks to CPHort we are starting to turn a corner towards quality. Thank you for making my life easier. Thank you again, for checking in. Overall, I am incredibly pleased with the work your staff has been doing. I am pleased that we have established this working relationship!

    Thank you for all of your hard work, it has been a pleasure working with you and your team. My staff historically used to spend 20+ hours per week performing quality assurance checks on the landscape contractors. Your teams attention to detail has proved that to be unnecessary, giving us time to refocus on other priorities.

  • Matt B., Village President

    This last year we contracted a new landscape maintenance firm, {CPHort}, in just one year we've seen a tremendous improvement of the appearance & health of our landscape areas. In fact, and you're going to fact-check me on this, we have not received one complaint out of this contract or landscape areas in 2017; really in an area where we generally we do receive a lot more comments from residents, and so we really look forward to working with them. Just last night the Board approved a contract extension with them so they can work through this year as well and we would love to keep moving forward with that. 2018 State of the Village of Montgomery

  • Ann H., HOA Landscape Committee Chair

    {From HOA Resident}: Guessing mostly all you hear are complaints, so just wanted to tell you what a great landscaping company you contracted. After the first 2 years {of living here} I saw it go from bad, to worse, to worst and now we are back to great. Couldn't believe it when they trimmed my privacy trees by steps; wasn't done for years, and now it's done as needed. So good job, you obviously care about this community.

  • Todd H., Northwest Water Planning Alliance Chairman

    CPHort is not just an active participant {in sustainable salting/chloride consciousness} rather a critical partner demonstrating true leadership in the industry and helping to educate public and private partners alike. Thanks for you help and hard work!

  • Victor P., Public Works Foreman

    I have been more than pleased with the performance of Cornerstone this year. After the initial learning curve was resolved and both companies understood the expectations of each other, the quality of services performed have been the best we have received in my tenure as a Grounds Foreman for the Village. The communication is excellent as calls and concerns are immediately responded to. It is easy to see that Cornerstone takes pride in their work and doesn't try to decrease efforts on services to feed a bottom line. They truly are professionals. Kudos to all at Cornerstone for making my life as the Grounds Foreman a whole lot easier. Any municipality or company that wants a true quality landscape service.

  • Rachel P., Grounds & Garden Manager

    Thank You! They (CPHort crew) really are the best!! The guys working on the walls and plantings looked super solid today and were a big relief to me. Couldn't do it without you guys.

  • Katie P., Facility Administrator

    We've been so pleased with the work your crew had done this summer. Again, thank you for your terrific work!

  • Bill D., Homeowner

    We hired CPHort to do a project that included removal, design and replanting. They were on time and on budget. We had a minor issue crop up some time later which they happily remedied at no additional cost to us. This is a landscaping company that stands behind their work and One you can trust!

  • Ann K., Commercial Property Manager

    You make my job so much easier! Thank you!

  • Christopher L., Class A Office Engineer always, you guys are the best and I appreciate the help!!

  • Agata S., Industrial Portfolio Manager

    I can't thank you enough for what you do for us!

  • Victor P., Public Works Grounds Director

    I have to say that the quality we have received from Cornerstone is probably the best since I have been with the Village. Your team has been very responsive and proactive to keep our sites looking really good!

  • Lee Ann S., Executive Director

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your guys are great by the way!!

  • Chris H., Apartment Community Business Manager

    Your crew exceeded all of our expectations! They were timely, professional, paid attention to detail and did an excellent job cleaning up after the job. With having a 30 year old property with 72 buildings on site, it takes a lot of manpower and much needed attention for detail and the crew did a fantastic job. I have received nothing but compliments on the work done at the property as well as the appearance and professionalism of the crew. I would also like to say thank you personally for guiding us in making the right choices for flowers, trees, shrubs and landscape designs.

  • Terri D., Hotel General Manager

    With this being our first year in partnership with CPHort, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the outstanding services we received. Since we opened in 2008, we have used several other companies for landscaping and snow removal and never seemed to find anyone that I felt understood the needs of our property ~ until now. Since our business is open 24/7 all year long and our guests are here overnight and then gone during the day, it presents unique challenges for removing snow from the parking lot. So I am sure you can understand how pleasantly surprised I was when our Account Manager took the time to contact me this month to review our snow removal contract, to make sure I was receiving your Winter Weather Alerts, and most importantly, to discuss a plan of action specific to our property.

  • Vanessa S., Church Administrator

    We began our association with CPHort in 2009. The quality of service they provide and their commitment to excellence is unmatched, and we saw positive results on our property following the completion of just one landscape season. Our Account Manager has been an excellent advisor and partner providing us with best practice recommendations for maintaining our property as well as outlining projects that should be considered for future budget planning. Our relationship with CPHort is further enhanced by excellent communication - in person, by email, and over the phone. CPHort has been more than responsive to emergency situations that come up - even to the point of sending a crew out in the middle of December to tend to a landscaping situation that needed immediate attention for the safety of our children in our playground area. It is my privilege to recommend the services of CPHort. Your service is always excellent and I value it, along with our partnership over the years!

  • Paul S., Homeowner

    I want to let you know that I am very happy with all of the hard work and value-added post-install support Joe provided for my job. Joe worked tirelessly to ensure the plan met the expectations of my wife and me and kept going the extra mile to ensure on-time delivery. Joe worked with the install team to balance weather, logistics, and inventory to help keep things running smoothly. Joe even kept an eye on my timer watering schedule while I was on vacation last week. Joe was diligent in helping me see his vision for the total design and was always willing to incorporate my own design requests and adjustments.

    Also, I would be remiss to not acknowledge the hard work and grit from Jose and Faustino. They really did a great job dealing with some tough logistics, especially with backyard needs. They are both very polite and interested in delivering great customer service.

    Really appreciate the service from Cornerstone. If the weather cooperates, we should be seeing some really nice landscaping come into initial maturity by month’s end!

  • Ryan C., Office & Industrial Property Manager

    {CPHort} has provided us with a service unmatched and we are proud to recommend them to anyone in need. Each season {CPHort} thoroughly researched each site to plan appropriately for what can become a crazy snow season. {CPHort's} forethought and planning with property management insures that the appropriate steps are taken to handle all weather conditions. {CPHort} has exceeded all my expectations by quickly servicing anything that may need attention. In most cases, they automatically take care of any service needed. {CPHort} is very thorough and little escapes their attention to detail.

  • Sandy S., Executive Director

    CPHort's very professional crew came to the {Animal} Shelter and not only gave us the advice we needed to clear up our drainage issues, but also addressed the most cost effective way to deal with those issues. CPHort does an excellent job, and we would highly recommend them to anyone!

  • Fran M., Facility Manager

    I would like to thank you and the crew that has been taking care of our property. It has come such a LONG way since you have been taking care of it. I knew you would do a great job, but wanted to let you know that everyone's effort has been noticed. I have made an effort to get out and thank the guys from time to time, but wanted you to know how much I appreciate everything they have done! We are most grateful.

  • Peter T., Office & Industrial Property Manager

    On behalf of our properties, management team & tenants we would like to thank you for all that you have done for us. There have been too many occasions to list that you have gone above and beyond all of my expectations. You have changed my outlook on landscaping by explaining everything that was being done in the field. The preparation and explanations that went into our meetings really made a difference in our Corporate Business Parks and for that we appreciate it!

  • Ann K., Retail Property Manager

    Our firm is located in Memphis, TN and therefore we do not have the ability to be on site daily. It is imperative that I be able to trust and rely on my local contractors for service and I have been more than pleased with CPHort's performance to date. CPHort was able to make specific suggestions and layout a plan for our properties for the coming year that resulted in a 100% improvement in quality and appearance of our plant material and overall curb appeal. In addition, CPHort provided me with a Landscape Forecast Planner which was a lifesaver when preparing our Operating Budgets for the properties.

  • Tim T., HOA Landscape Committee Chairman

    You and your men did a fine job for {our Community} this year. My standard is that the neighborhood common areas should appear as I want my personal yard and landscaping to appear. You guys nailed it!

  • Brett H., General Manager

    You guys are by far the BEST snow contractor we've ever had at our facility!

  • Crysta B., Industrial Portfolio Manager,

    Your team does a great job for us and we are thankful for that!

  • Sue W., Homeowner

    Your Guys ROCK! Even my neighbor across the street noticed. They did not leave until 7pm tonight and were very concerned of my needs and making sure things went well...I just wanted you to know what great workers they are!

  • Julie C., Health Care Facility Director

    Kudos to Cornerstone! Yesterday morning I actually got stuck on a city road with the amount of snowfall that occurred through the night. I want to let you know that Cornerstone did a great job plowing our parking lot!! They had it done by the time staff and patients arrived yesterday.

  • Robert R., Class A Office & Medical Property Manager

    Over the last few years since we have worked with you, our grounds have been kept at a high quality level in terms of appearance and provide an added boost to the curb appeal of our building. Your company's astute recognition of potential problems, as well as suggested enhancements is greatly appreciated. During last winter's unusually high snowfall, your thorough activities to keep our site (which runs 16hrs/day) completely operational was outstanding. As you are aware, with an Immediate Care Center on premise, the need to be above and beyond normal parking lot and sidewalk clearing is essential to the safety of our tenants, invitees and public guests as well as our Management of the Building. We look forward to continuing to work with CPHort in the years ahead.

  • Felicia D., Director of Property Management

    "CPHort was awarded several landscape maintenance contracts for both newly developed and matured sites. CPHort's site evaluation process detailed all of the areas of concern and enabled me to make educated decisions on where our funds would best be spent. The savings in our maintenance costs enabled us to also complete some enhancements for the property this past season. I could not have been more pleased with the response time for requested operations as well as the proactive manner in which problems were brought to my attention. CPHort has been a great addition to our contractor team and have become an asset to the properties."

  • Agata S., Senior Property Manager

    During a recent property tour one of the tenants told me that "{CPHort's} Snow Services are the best he has ever seen, top notch." I know in our line of business compliements are rare so I thought you may want to hear this. Thank you for making us look good!

  • Karen C., Vice President of Property Management

    You guys do a great job and I always appreciate your input and if you spot anything out at the sites to let me know since we're offsite property managers.

  • Taylor M., Association Manager

    The service is always exceptional, the Association is very happy with the quality of work as well as the customer service.

  • Lisa M., Homeowner

    Cornerstone was thorough, highly communicative, and had fantastic follow up. They have performed two job for us. First, a retaining wall with pavers, grasses, and perennial installs. More recently, some tree relocations and a new tree installation. Both jobs were impeccable and the follow-up communication was outstanding. There is no question that we will call Cornerstone back when we need more work.

  • Heide B., Homeowner

    Thanks for creating the perfect environment for memories all these years! We are in the pool & using the BBQ all day today...surrounded by your creations!

  • Ralph M., Homeowner

    Cornerstone Partners came out and gave us many options to help fit our budgeting needs. They listened when we explained our lists of wants' and must haves and helped create a design we were looking for. They even salvaged a few of our current landscape items to help us keep the cost down and within budget. The installation was well done. They cleaned up so well that you wouldn't have guessed that our new landscape had just been installed that morning. We are very pleased with the end result and would recommend them highly.

  • Amy W., Homeowner

    Thank you for all the hard work getting our new patio installed. We love it & are very glad we chose your team for the installation. They worked so hard! And through Tornado sirens too! Consummate Professionals; Top-Notch Work, A+++!

  • Sally P., Homeowner

    The Cornerstone crew arrived on time and went right to work. I had decided to make a change in my initial work order, but it was handled easily with a phone call to the office. The crew dug out three very old and overgrown evergreen shrubs in front of my house. It required lots of hard work as the root system was very deep. The crew never complained - just kept digging until they were done.

  • Cliff S., Homeowner

    Alvaro & his crew did just a terrific, great job! Very nice people, very cooperative, and just wanted to do the right things. I can't tell you how much we appreciate that! I wanted to make a note of complimenting them and {CPHort's} choice of people.

  • Deborah S., Homeowner

    What a great feeling it was to pull into the drive yesterday evening to see the yard shaping up and looking pretty. Thank you. Your team does a really good job!

  • Fran M., Homeowner

    Awesome, thank you so very much. I am truly enjoying it {landscape redesign bed}, as are my neighbors. It's a gift every day!

  • Keri M., Homeowner

    We have used Cornerstone Partners that past 5 years for our landscaping needs. We can say that Cornerstone, over those five years, have done an outstanding job and exceeded our expectations. They provide attention to detail on maintenance of our shrubs and they always leave with our property immaculately clean. We would highly recommend their services for any landscaping needs.

  • Steve D., Homeowner

    Cornerstone Partners Horticultural Services Co. is a first-class operation with first-class people. My experience is that with Landscaping Service Companies you tend to get what you pay for. If you want a job done right and work with true professionals, Cornerstone Partners is it.

  • Jason B., Homeowner

    Just simply a great experience on the projects. The attention to detail, great horticultural practices, amazing communication and just going above and beyond are a few elements.

    As an Environmental Horticulturalist would recommend Cornerstone for anything they service.

  • Keith N., Homeowner

    {CPHort} gave me a lower quote than other companies. They did exactly what they said they were going to do. They didn't try to increase the price afterwards. They didn't do the walk through after the project was finished, however, it was okay because I didn't have any complaints. They were on time.

  • Mimi F., Homeowner

    Thank you so much for using {CPHort}, I do love the roses and {they} treats our yard as {their} own! I just like that {they're} careful with the snow removal!! And I love his salt mixture!! It’s magic!! So thank you!! Thanks again for letting {CPHort} take care of things!!

  • Danae K., Homeowner

    Thank you so much! You guys really are a class act!

  • Bobi S., Homeowner

    The new gardens look great. Love Love Love my new gardens. The trees look great as well!

  • Steven D., Homeowner

    I just wanted to let you know your guys did a GREAT job with our patio {cleaning, joint sanding & sealing}. Looks brand spanking new!

  • S.K., Homeowner

    I love it {Tree/Shrub Replacements}. Makes me want to get rid of my other old bushes...I was very pleased with the work. {The CPHort Crew} took out the old bushes and left the place so neat...I drove in and thought what is different at the front of the house?

  • Kip W., Homeowner

    Your crew just finished here. Digging out that stump is painful just to watch. Your crew was like a buzz saw at digging that out and in just a few minutes had the new tree in place and all the cover rocks raked back in place, you can’t even tell anything was disturbed in that area. GREAT JOB! Thanks!!!

  • Larry F., Homeowner

    Terrific: just a note to tell you that the guys here today working on the {rejuvenative pruning} are really great-pleasant, nice to talk to, and work hard. Really a great crew! Thank you for all your help this year.

  • Paul S., Homeowner

    I want to let you know that I am very happy with all of the hard work and value-added post-install support.Joe provided for my job.

    Joe worked tirelessly to ensure the plan met the expectations of my wife and me and kept going the extra mile to ensure on-time delivery. Joe worked with the install team to balance weather, logistics and inventory to help keep things running smoothly...even kept an eye on my timer watering schedule while I was on vacation. Joe was diligent in helping me see his vision for the total design and was always willing to incorporate my own design requests and adjustments.

    In addition, Nick went the extra mile to resolve inventory challenges on the plans spec'd plants and paver stones. Also, I would be remiss to not acknowledge the hard work and grit from Jose, Faustino and the entire install team. They really did a great job dealing with some tough logistics... They delivered a full backyard to us and resolved the accompanying drainage issues. Everyone is very polite and interested in delivering great customer service.

  • KW, Homeowner

    I highly recommend Cornerstone Partners Horticultural as a FULL SERVICE landscaping and maintenance partner.   As I see it, just about anybody can mow your property or cut down a dead tree or even plant a tree or bushes...but from our experience, CP is much more than that.   When we wanted to add landscaping around our pool to provide us with shade and privacy…CP was a valuable consulting partner. They provided options along with their expertise on what would look best, thrive in the setting…give us the look and privacy we wanted for years to come. CP provided a computer rendering of what that would look like in advance and once the job was done, it was a mirror image of the rendering they provided.    We are completely, 100% satisfied with all the work we have had done by CP over many years.        If you just need average mowing or some pre-selected bushes or trees dropped into the ground, there are probably many options, but when you want something done right and can benefit from expertise, consulting and professional guidance, I can think of no other landscaping firm that I would more highly recommend than Cornerstone Partners.

  • Sue W., Homeowner

    As a leading landscape company, we treat our customers HONESTLY and with INTEGRITY with a goal of building absolute Trust by accomplishing the Little Things Exceptionally Well. "...I can attest to this. 12 years of service from this magnificent company!"

  • Ken W., Homeowner

    Cornerstone is the best. They are passionate about everything landscaping and snow removal. [CPHort's] crew was efficient, professional, and did a great job. I highly recommend them!

  • Bobi S., Homeowner

    I want you all to know how very much I appreciate your hard work to make my new gardens look so amazing!

  • Amber D., Homeowner

    I only knew I wanted some arborvitae for privacy and they came up with so many more options. They sent a detailed summary of options and I loved everything. Everyone was very nice as they came and planted in 4 different areas. I now have hydrangeas, tall grass, Japanese maple, roses, and so many colorful coneflowers in front of arborvitae to make my yard so colorful and bright. They made sure I have different things blooming from spring to fall. I’m excited to now hire them to work on the front of my house. Thanks!

  • Maurita O., Homeowner

    I thought the crew was amazing! They were fantastic!!!!

  • Judy H., Homeowner

    I’m proud how great my very large property looks. The crew that does the weekly cutting and maintenance are very good workers. If I have any issues like what needs to be trimmed or removed, I only have to mention it to Mark Toms and he sees that it is passed on and completed. Everyone I have worked with at Cornerstone is so pleasant, respectful, and willing to do the work.