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Drainage Solutions

Drainage Solutions

Proper drainage in the landscape that surrounds buildings and homes is very important. Water that pools anywhere in your lawn or landscape after a rainstorm, winter snow melt, or from an irrigation system can be an indication of a drainage issue which can have a detrimental effect on your plants, lawn and foundation structures. Pooling water usually indicates one of two issues: 1.) improper grading/drainage, 2.) compacted soils.

Standing water in lawn areas can impact the health of the turfed by not encouraging root growth. In some instances, it can scorch the turf blades as the water's reflection can act as a magnifier of the sun's rays. Shallow root systems are more prone to turf diseases like Dollar Spot, Brown & Summer Patch, Necrotic Ring Spot as well as pest issues like mosquitoes which thrive in standing water.

Standing water has similar negative effects on shrubs and trees too. These plants can drown due to lack of oxygen. Organisms can also form in the excessively wet soil and decline the root system, leading to permanent damage and death.

CPHort has been trained by NDS, the leader in water management solutions, to identify and resolve landscape drainage issues properly by "putting water in it's place." Inspections of your property should be done following a winter thaw or after a rain to help identify the source of the pooling as well as to determine your landscape’s natural water flow. After the site assessment, we can make recommendations on ways to rectify the drainage issues which may include:

• Catch basin systems • Channel and trench drain systems • Dry wells • French drain systems • Grading • Rain harvesting and rain gardens • Submerged downspout extensions • Submerged sump pump extensions

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